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As a professional and accredited Chimney Sweep the services that I provide are not just about sweeping chimney flues. Most quality Sweeps are also able to offer wood burner and Multi Fuel Stove Service and Maintenance.


Case Study – Clearview Pioneer 400 MF Stove.

I have put together a small case study of a stove that I recently swept.  The Clearview Pioneer 400. The interior condition was extremely poor with the baffle or throat plate so badly perished that flames from the combustion chamber are likely to have been exposed directly to the flue/liner. This can lead to an expensive premature degradation of the stainless steel liner fitted to most modern installations, as was the case with this particular set-up.

The rear fire brick was also badly fractured with both side bricks very well worn.

It’s worthwhile highlighting that the life of the vermiculite bricks (fire bricks) can be extended just by some simple considerations such as being gentle when using the poker to stoke the fire and not to jab the bricks by mistake. Also being careful inserting the logs as sharp corners can also damage the brick face and cause fractures that ultimately become cracks,

Clearview Pioneer 400 in need of service and maintenance
This  Clerview Pioneer woodburner is in need of significant maintenance.
Service and maintenance is essential to effective operation
It doesn’t get much worse than this woodburner interior. Notice the hole in the baffle.
All fire bricks and baffle / throat plate removed
Just a final vacuum required before new components fitted
New fire bricks for this Clearview Pioneer 400
New components acquired and about to be fitted
A perished baffle plate being replaced by a brand new one
A new baffle/throat plate about to be fitted to this stove
3 new fire bricks and a new baffle to refurbish this Clearview stove
Sweep Chief servicing and maintaining woodburning stoves. Bricks and baffle replaced.
New fire bricks and baffle plate were required to renovate this Clearview Pioneer 400
All set for another decade of combustion.

Remember to Maintain as well as Sweep

Servicing and maintaining a wood burner and sweeping the flue are intrinsically linked in terms of both safety and prolonging the life of your appliance. Think of it along the same lines  as servicing your gas boiler. If your gas engineer recommended parts needing replacement on your boiler, chances are you would make it a priority. Similar principle here. A well maintained stove can last for many, many years, save you money in the long term and give you peace of mind in terms of heating your home safely.

For any enquiries be it for a Chimney Sweep quote or for anything else in relation to your solid fuel appliance feel free to call Sweep Chief on 01202 748893 or e-mail [email protected].



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